Boston battery in Beijing City, high-tech enterprises identified
Published time:2016-01-06   View times:0

Recently, by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission audit, Beijing Boston Battery Technology Co., Ltd. won recognition as a "Beijing 2015 the second batch of high-tech enterprises. The same time, Boston battery also with genii (no small lithium-ion electrical core welding technology integration) "2015 high lithium the golden ball Award Finalist; and graphene with the industry's biggest microchip supplier XG technology cooperation, joint research and development specifically for Boston battery is a new generation of lithium from the sub cells are the product of silicon and graphene anode materials.

Beijing to Boston Battery Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in new energy automotive battery production, research and development, is a leading global supplier of batteries, is currently China's largest ternary system lithium ion power battery manufacturer. Currently, the Boston battery in China, Jiangsu, Liyang, Taiwan, as well as Tianjin, respectively, with annual production capacity of 350MWh, 3GWh and 8GWh production base. At the same time, the Northwest market in China, the Boston battery is about to build capacity in Lanzhou for 40 thousand units / year of the Eco-EV battery pack factory. Technology source from Boston, the Boston battery can adopt unique composite ternary lithium battery technology, based on the proprietary nature of electric vehicles, the development of single energy density as high as 207wh, calendar life of more than eight years, has advantages and good high and low temperature performance of lithium ion battery in - 40 deg. C~70 DEG C window work. Rely on in Boston and Beijing two R & D center research and development strength, the company's products through the strict test at home and abroad more than 20 OEMs, and the successful implementation of auto, Dongfeng, Taiwan Yulon, xindayang and host plant bulk supply. It is reported that besides awarded the "Beijing 2015 the second batch of high technology enterprise" certification, battery, Boston, Beijing in December in the selection of "technology innovation of the year award", with genii (no small lithium-ion electrical core welding technology integration) "2015 high lithium the golden ball award finalists. This technology is applied in the field of battery pack after service. Industry commented that its application and promotion in the Chinese market, will become an important milestone in the battery pack assembly industry. That same month, Boston battery also and XG technology jointly announced that the two sides will discuss "XG technology developed customized specifically for Boston battery a new generation of lithium ion batteries silicon graphene anode materials project cooperation, to enhance Boston battery electrochemical and electrode structure of micro, to comprehensive breakthrough in the traditional anode materials technology, improve product capacity, in order to provide more high energy density batteries for vehicle manufacturers, make electric cars to go farther. Boston battery with 180 a number of patent for invention promotion for the high-tech enterprises in Beijing, will further increase the investment in science and technology, ongoing technological innovation activities, is the new field of energy gradually developed a more excellent battery products, as in China and the new world energy markets provide a whole solution scheme of service, promote the rapid development of the enterprise itself and new energy automobile industry of new and high technology.